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While the Party Plan Network Marketing business model is an excellent idea, it’s becoming harder and harder to host parties. I believe that one of the biggest reasons for this, is due to the current state of the economy, and the ever increasing search for steady income. Many women have joined forces with the direct marketing industry, in hopes to make a pay cheque, but not being fully aware that a “Mary Kay Business” Is just that…a business, and must be treated as one. Most small business will not see a profit within the first 3 years. They begin to build their client base through word of mouth that is usually started by close friends and relatives, and as time goes by you begin to see new business from those referrals.

What makes an Arbonne, or Mary Kay business different?

Well for one, our expectation. As stated earlier, many women get involved to start receiving a pay cheque, and put undue pressure upon themselves, and their friends and family. People will tend to go to these “Hosted Parties” in support of their friend, and are really not going because of genuine interest in buying the product.

This is why it is important to realize that many people will not continue to buy the product, and residual income which really drives this business, will in most cases not exist.

So what does one do, to help grow their Mary Kay..Arbonne business?

Here are some things that are a must to do, if you are seriously trying to build a long term party plan business:

  • Take a step back, look at your company and products that you are promoting, and ask yourself this question. “What makes them unique? and would I continue to buy them if I weren’t selling them?”   If the answer is no, then I suggest you stop!
  • Your passion will dictate how committed and far you are willing to go in this company. Here is another question to ask yourself.  “If the company closed the doors tomorrow, and you couldn’t get anymore product from them period…How would that make you feel? ….Would you panic a bit?….This is clearly a sign of how you feel about the products from a consumer stand point. If you’re panicking at the thought…That’s a GOOD Sign!
  • Stop bugging your friends to host a party! If you have to beg, and make them feel sorry for you, then isn’t that enough of a signal that they’re NOT interested? While the Party Plan model is a great way to market, many consultants, do not follow the golden rule.. “Don’t Bug Your Friends!”…That’s a good way to loose your friendship.
  • Stop selling! This is another golden rule which will dramatically increase your chances of success, and is one of the hardest rules to follow, but is a must if you want to succeed. Your Mary Kay or Arbonne business, will grow much quicker,if you stop selling your product. If they practically don’t stand alone and sell themselves, why would you want to be in the business. Your job, is to simply share information, on why you and many other women simply love the product. Even though you may feel strongly about the product line, you will run into many that will flat out not see a need. This is where many Reps fail and take it personally, and which is why if you want to succeed you have to be different. Realize, that many people will have different opinions, and so when someone doesn’t see things the way you do, Don’t start defending your product line…That’s called “Selling”.. Instead this is a key opportunity to further build your relationship with that person, and I would highly suggest you do so! ……How do you do that? …..Simple…Say something like  “You know Mary, that’s what I like about you…You always speak from your heart!…So how are the kids anyway?”…. You see, with every negative, there is always an “Opportunity” to change someones life. I know what your thinking… How can you change a life with a simple response like that? It’s very simple actually, whenever you do something that is unexpected or a normal reaction, people wonder, respect, and start to question themselves, and when they do that, they are forced to sometimes CHANGE their way of thinking!
  • Stop Promoting Your Company!….What???  I  know it’s hard to believe, but that’s NOT  the quickest way to build a business. What you want to do is reinforce “YOU!” ….That’s right!   You should be building yourself as the BRAND, and focusing all your attention to the brand called “YOU!”  Most purchases, are made through people that you know and trust, that is why the Mary Kay, Arbonne, and other party plans work so well. They use the power of your social network to promote their product line. But you have to remember that when you exhaust your “100 name list” you’re faced with a delimma…Who do I ask now? And this is why Personal branding  and a solid recruiting plan is essential. Start doing this, and you will see greater success with less effort.

The above list, is just a brief guideline,and a starting point on how you can build your Mary Kay..Arbonne business quicker. There are many more elements to consider, but just remember that building a business requires help. If you’re not able to duplicate your efforts by finding like minded individuals to join you, and have those people share the same dreams and focus, so that both can help build their businesses together, then your chances are slim to none.

I personally have asked myself the above questions, made some key mistakes along the way, and re-focused my efforts. I truly believe, that the Internet, and Social Media 2.0, gives each and everyone of us, a HUGE unfair advantage, in the history of the world, to literally grow your network marketing business overnight.

If you would like to learn more tactics and tips on how to launch a real “Party Plan” business, and quit bothering your friends, and never make another cold call again, then you should definitely watch the video to the upper right, and fill out the form, to get the answers on Why, When and What Social Media 2.0 is all about.

The End :)

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